Analysis: Our Discovery Process


The Discovery Meeting

Your first consult is usually a face-to-face meeting in a public place in Greenfield like the Co-Op or a coffee shop, though sometimes a video meeting or phone call needs to serve.  Our 

goals for this meeting are:

  1. Establish a personal connection
  2. Get some history
  3. Review the Pre-Consult Form
  4. Share some strategy ideas
  5. Plan next steps

During the meeting, we’ll start working on the hard questions:

  • How can your website better support your work?
  • Who are your target users and how do they find you?
  • What actions do you want users to take?

The Discovery Document

scopingAfter the meeting, your student clinician will write up structured notes, and share them with you as a record of what was understood, along with any further research or reflections.  If you are comfortable with document commenting (we prefer Google Docs, but Microsoft Word is fine), we can work together online to form a clear picture.

Otherwise, a second meeting (or phone call) will be set up, so that we can be sure we agree on your needs and requirements.  The Discovery Document is done when we know what YOU need done.

The Proposal

Also known as a Scope of Work, the proposal articulates what you can expect from our work by the end of the course.  This is a list of what we will do, not a list of what you need done. Your student clinician may not be able to do all of the work you ultimately will need to be successful.

For example, our course does not teach graphic design, and if you need a logo, you will need a referral.  Also, search and social marketing are critically important to many sites, and we do not cover these in the course either.  We can help you find someone local to do this work for you, and give you guidance about what to ask for.

Your proposal will begin by summarizing the objectives of the site redesign, then focus on our deliverables, including a breakdown of the tasks and the dates by which expected milestones should be reached.  The course instructor will review this proposal and discuss it with your student clinician before it is presented to you, striving to meet as many of your needs as possible without promising more than can be likely accomplished.

What happens after the Discovery Process? Use the ADDIE Menu, top left, or go straight to our Design Process.