The Pre-Consult Form

webformWe want to make the most efficient use of your time, even during a first consult. We do this by offering you a “pre-consult” form to give us a starting idea about your situation and needs.  Your clinicians will then do guided research before we meet with you.

In a pre-consult form, you answer whatever you can about:

  • What you want a new / improved site to achieve.
  • What you want first-time visitors to do on your site.
  • What you want visitor to return to your site for.
  • What competitor websites look good to you.

Once you submit, we will create and share a document with the results of your form, and call you to set up a consult. Once scheduled, we may begin to add comments to your document as we research.  This way, we know what points to hit when we brainstorm with you in person during a Discovery Meeting.

We have two pre-consult forms now: one for small businesses and one for nonprofit organizations.  Explore them below, or learn about the Discovery Process that follows your forum submission.