What’s ADDIE? How we work with clients.

ADDIE is a workflow for website developers, to help your website reach it’s desired potential. ADDIE is an acronym for a 5-stage process:

  1. Analyze (learn about your goals and needs) – also known as Discovery
  2. Design (make blueprints for a site that can address them)
  3. Develop (create the website from those blueprints)
  4. Implement (work with you and your stakeholders to make sure everything looks, reads, and works as it should, and is ready for launch)
  5. Evaluate (help you look at site visitor statistics and feedback to decide what to do next)

Pre-Consult FormA – Analyze:

In a series of exchanges and meetings, a student clinician works with you, under master guidance, to evaluate and examine what you want from your website (goals and objectives) and what you are looking for (appearance, form, functionality).

This first step is the best reason for working with a teaching clinic rather than a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tool. By answering these critical questions first, you ensure that your web redesign is driven by real goals.

DesignD – Design:

After we determine every aspect of the website, we’ll start making a mock-up website, to give a rough idea of what it’ll look like visually. This is always subject to change, and is mainly used for figuring out the layout in a clear, understandable manner. Below is an example of a website design we’ve worked on.

DevelopD – Develop:

Once it’s decided where everything will be, we get to work and start creating the site’s basic functions: Working links, search bar, homepage, etc. In this stage, we’re not too worried about making it pretty; that’ll come later. This step is to make it function properly.

I – Implement:

ImplementThis is where everything ties together; Finalizing code, adding all the details and design, making sure everything is in place.

E – Evaluate:

Lastly, we check the site over again, and the client decides if we’ve achieved our goal of making a website with you in mind.

Learn More

Use the ADDIE menu at left to learn more about each of the five steps in our process. It starts with a Pre-Consult Form to kick off our Discovery Process.