Our Scope of Services

If money were no object, you have already hired a full-service web firm to make a site that looks like it needs to, does what it needs to, and gets found by the people you want.

Since money IS an object — you’re still reading — you have been been making do with what you have. Ultimately, you know you will either need to create something yourself, or pay to have it done and hope it’s good.

Here is a third choice. Don’t sink your time into a DIY solution like Squarespace. You would be flying blind. On the other hand, don’t dive into a full-service shop just yet. Educate yourself as a consumer first! Give the students in our Web Clinic a chance move your project forward as they learn with you how to think about web development.  

Here’s how our clinic compares to the other two options:

Feature DIY Shop Clinic
Monetary Cost < $$$ $,$$$ $0
Scope of Services *
Skill Level of Help
Your Time Commitment

* free clinic runs 9/15-12/15.

If you are not in a rush (and can wait until September, 2017), and you can take time for few meetings and email exchanges over a semester, your knowledge and skills will grow, and you’ll have a WordPress site at the end.

Four months later, you can take over the site we make to finish off yourself (we’ll show you how to edit WordPress), or hand it to a local web shop to take to the next level.

Learn about our web design and development process: you’ll see what happens in what order, and how even a first-year web design student can add value to your site, with the right structure and guidance.